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 19'x8' Office Trailer
 34'x8' Storage Trailer

 23'x10' with 1 Room
 35'x10' Office Trailer

 23'x10' with 2 Rooms
 43'x10' Office Trailer

 23'x10' Wash Car 1
 53'x10' Office Trailer

 23'x10' Wash Car 2
 43'x12' Office Trailer

 23'x10' Wash Car 3
 53'x12' Office Trailer

 33'x10' Office Trailer
 60'x12' Office Trailer

 56'x12' Mobile Home

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75 Years in Business

In business since 1945, during this time Miller Office Trailers has built its reputation upon trust, reliability, professional presentation and swift, courteous, and efficient service.

Office Trailers

Miller Office Trailers rents and sells: premium, clean, affordable and extremely well maintained office trailer units of various sizes, internal dimensions and all the modern-day amenities of a permanent office or residential space.

Construction trailers
Wash Car

Our wash car trailers are all 23’ X 10’ in size, with three distinctive floor plans (that are suited to various types of employee requirements).

Mobile office space washroom trailers
Office Trailers

Our office trailers come in ten different models with different dimensions

Mobile office trailers rentals
Superior Trailers At Competitive Prices
Office Trailers Office Trailers
Wash Car Wash Car
Mobile Home Mobile Home

Welcome to
Miller Office Trailers

We sell mobile office trailers and mobile trailers, as well as provide rental services (office space trailers and more) at competitive prices. Our trailer products are the best in the business, as is evidenced by our high-profile client base. If you’re looking for trailers to set up your office on-site at your construction site or any other location, we can provide you with the level of service you need.

Our mobile office trailers and rentals, including mobile trailers, are high quality, clean and well equipped. All our mobile office space trailers are outfitted with the most advanced technology. We place a focus on safety and reliability to provide you with the best possible service and to ensure your satisfaction at the end of your business with us.

Our rental mobile office trailers are equipped with:

  • Electric Baseboard Heating
  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • 100-amp Service Panel with Ample Duplex Receptacles Throughout
  • Slider Windows with Screens and Storms
  • Commercial-Grade (Corlon) Rolled Goods on the Floor
  • Insulation for Comfortable Year Round Use
  • Optional Air Conditioning

We provide our clients with:

  • All-purpose mobile office spaces
  • Trailers for construction sites specifically
  • Storage trailers
  • Lunch Rooms
  • Wash Cars
  • In addition to mobile office space trailers, we also offer homes

Our objective is to provide you with the trailers that you need and desire. Call us to find out more information in regards to our trailers and services. We have a diverse range of services available, many of which go hand-in-hand. You can also rely on us if you want a customized solution. We take on all sizing requirements to ensure that you get the office trailers you need on your sites. Quantity isn’t an issue for us either, and neither are your deadlines. At Miller Office Trailers, we’re ready to serve you with whatever you need.