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 19'x8' Office Trailer
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 23'x10' with 1 Room
 35'x10' Office Trailer

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 43'x10' Office Trailer

 23'x10' Wash Car 1
 53'x10' Office Trailer

 23'x10' Wash Car 2
 43'x12' Office Trailer

 23'x10' Wash Car 3
 53'x12' Office Trailer

 33'x10' Office Trailer
 60'x12' Office Trailer

 56'x12' Mobile Home

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About Us

Miller Office Trailers delivers office solutions to your location. We provide these in the form of quality, clean, well-maintained, all-purpose rentals that span a variety of sizes. These trailers come equipped with a range of amenities, making them perfect for a number of uses, such as: office, storage space, lunch room, meeting room, boardroom, washroom, or homes.

What makes Miller the number one office, washroom and mobile home supplier in Ontario?

  • We are a deadline-oriented service:

    Your construction trailers or office spaces are delivered when, where, and how you want them. To achieve this, we have built up a fleet of our own transport trucks, allowing us to avoid involvement with the complications of relying on third party transport companies. This also will save you time, as we will not need to outsource the service of delivering your mobile space. If you need construction trailers for a mobile office or storage space, Miller Office Trailers can get it to you quickly and efficiently.

  • There‚Äôs always someone to assist you during work hours:

    If you find yourself in an emergency situation or you require assistance immediately, you will always have easy access to one of our staff members during business hours. Our policy is to deliver outstanding customer service to each of our clients, and we have trained our staff to value and uphold this policy. At Miller, our business support does not end when you receive the construction trailers, as we want to make your office experience as pleasant and efficient as it possibly can be.

  • Our trailers are well maintained:

    Rest assured that Miller will never rent or sell you a trailer that is anything less than high quality, 100% clean, and exceptionally well-maintained. We respect the fact that this will be your work or living area, and this is always reflected through the physical condition of the trailer itself. We believe that our customers are entitled to a trailer that is not only of the best quality, but that is also clean, comfortable, professional-looking, and equipped with the same modern amenities as a permanent home or professional office.


W.J. Miller founded a small family-owned business in Mississauga called Miller Office Trailers back in 1945. 70 years later, it has grown into a successful family-owned business. For three generations, Miller Office Trailers has built its reputation upon trust, reliability, professional presentation and swift, courteous, and efficient service.

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