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3 Essential Things You Need for Washroom Trailers

August 30, 2019


Are you in the midst of planning for a large event or onsite construction project? Or would you find utility in outright purchasing washroom trailers to meet your ongoing needs?

Either way there are a few essential factors to consider to ensure your washrooms operate efficiently.


From placement, water, and power supply – today we will discuss how to ensure the seamless acquisition of washroom trailers.


Finding Suitable Placement


Figuring out where to place your washroom trailer is an important consideration before planning for its arrival. The area should be clear of any obstacles to prevent any damage to nearby property systems like the septic system, sprinklers, or even shrubbery.


Adequate Water Supply


When choosing location, it’s important to also figure out proximity to the nearest water supply. The availability of water and power must be roughly within 50 feet of the trailer unit to ensure running water. You may also want to consider a holding tank or water pump system to have non-potable fresh water. While the water pump system might seem like an adequate water supply solution, there are still other factors to take into account such as capacity, and the need for ongoing water level checks.


Accessible Power Source

As stated above, it’s important to have your power supply roughly 50 feet away from the power source. A 20-amp/110 volt dedicated power source should be sufficient enough depending on your needs. In general, larger units will require more power and therefore more outlets. If the area in which you plan to keep the trailer does not have a power source you could opt for a generator or a solar power system instead.


Superior Washroom Trailers at Competitive Prices


Miller Office Trailers offers clean, well maintained trailers for rent or purchase. With a wide range of unit sizes and dimensions available, we are sure to have a washroom solution that will best suit your needs. For all your portable trailer needs, call Miller Office Trailers today!