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3 Factors That Determine The Location Of A Site Office

December 02, 2021

Construction projects essentially fall into two categories, long-term and short-term projects. In the case of the former, it might make sense to add an office on-site if the construction will take a long time and requires constant supervision. Moreover, amenities for the workers also need to be taken into account, which can vary drastically depending on the duration of a project. Keeping these criteria in mind, it might be tricky to find the best location for a site office

To help you out, here are some factors you need to consider for a site office.

Site Layout

Essentially, you would want to pin down your site office or compound in a place where it will not be shifted during the construction process. Thus, it is prudent to keep it away from the building or structure being constructed for safety and convenience reasons. While determining where your office should be, also consider developing a traffic management plan. 

Another aspect to think about is the entrance to the site. Ideally, you should place your site office near the entrance so that it’s easily accessible to clients. If you locate it in the back, then any visitor will have to wade through the entire construction area, causing a major safety hazard.

Essential Amenities

When planning a site layout, it is important to plan out the placement of all the basic amenities. But what’s even more crucial is to determine what services will you need in the first place. For example, water supply is essential, even more so if your project will take a long time to finish. In this case, you need to have both cold and hot water in your facilities including the toilet. For shorter duration projects, a chemical toilet might work. Depending on your site office requirements, a shower might also be needed. 

Moreover, a temporary electricity supply is vital to provide heating and lighting to the cabins on-site. This means the location of your site office should consider the best place to safely run both electricity and water supplies, without getting in the way of any groundwork for your project.

Site Spread

Another crucial factor is the site spread or the total area of the construction site. If you have a huge area, it’s ideal to spread out the facilities so that they would be accessible from all parts of the site. In the case of such a massive construction site, it would be even better to have more than one set of these facilities so that workers who are working in different areas can access them easily. 

For all your office trailer, site office, and construction trailer needs, you can count on us at Miller Office Trailers. Contact us now to know more about everything that we can do for you.