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3 Key Tips to Spruce Up Your Mobile Home

August 18, 2021

Mobile homes have become increasingly popular as people begin to see the merits of simple living. There are an incredible amount of things you can do to make your mobile home your dream home, as the space is incredibly versatile.


When renovating or designing the interior of a mobile home, one of the key considerations is to make use of space in a creative and efficient way. Furthermore, steps can be taken to open up the space and make the best of the simple and straightforward structure.


Here are three key design tips to making a mobile home shine:


1. Floor to Ceiling Glass

Mirrors and glass are essential items in small spaces. They will brighten up the area and give the illusion of spaciousness. The one concern with mirrors is that they can be tacky, and as such we recommend glass instead. This can be easily incorporated with floor-to-ceiling windows and full-glass patio doors.  


2. Use the Best Storage Solutions

One of the main points of a mobile home is to enjoy simple, clutter-free living. You will need to be discerning with the kind of storage solutions you employ in your home. Make sure to invest in the best storage fixtures that make the best use of space and serve multiple functions. Every item has to be put in place with purpose and serve an important function.


3. Play with Colours

One of the biggest mistakes mobile home or tiny home owners make is to not use enough colour in their home. There is a false perception that because you have less space to work with, you have to be conservative with the colours in the interior. In fact, colourful small spaces are becoming all the rage now, especially when applied to specific aesthetics such as bohemian, pop art, and more.


These design tips will help spruce up your living space and make your mobile home stand out. Make the most of your space and make it truly your own!