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3 Purposes Washroom Trailers Are Being Used For in Cities

July 10, 2018

Washroom trailers have been in high demand for some time now. What seemed like a trend at first, perhaps due to a increase in construction or just a matter of coincidence has now established itself as a fairly standard growth curve.


Washroom trailers are colloquially associated with a temporary site of some sort, but the fact of the matter is property managers are choosing to install them as long term facilities for visitors.


It is a commonly held belief that trailers, washroom trailers or otherwise, are generally reserved for short term use, perhaps for travel or other adventure. They are thought to be the preserve of some work site, usually the scene of large construction activity.


In fact, washroom trailers’ have seen steady demand from a whole other set of clients: those with large visitor numbers to cater for. In this article we look at some long term uses washroom trailers have been put to. But before that, let’s remind the reader how far washroom trailers have come, especially since they are equipped with the latest accoutrements expected in quality facilities.


  • Visitor facilities – Larger establishments such as event venues, conference halls, convention centres and even hospitals have deployed washroom trailers to cater to their vast footfall. And on a long term basis too. The sturdy construction and the ambience which is just like a traditional ‘permanent’ washroom. That, and since they can be placed separately from the main building they permit more effective area demarcation.
  • Vast area – Businesses which are spread out across a vast area, not just in the countryside but in the middle of the city, have washroom trailers far, far easier to setup as compared to building a permanent building or using a portable toilet. The savings on plumbing and the clean space they provide are real convincers.
  • Outdoor galas – The misconception that a washroom trailer is anything like a portable toilet has been quelled ever more, and there is a realization that washroom trailers are absolutely ideal for large outdoor galas, whether formal or informal. These can be blended into the setting easily, rather than standing out like a sore, fluorescent thumb.