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3 Tips For Buying A Construction Trailer

November 05, 2021

Construction trailers are used for various off-site projects, concerts, and other similar events. They come in different sizes to accommodate the need of the project at hand. Well-made trailers provide a safe, secure, and convenient place for workers to store tools, materials, and other essential equipment.


If you’re probably looking for a good construction trailer, you should consider the factors listed below to find a trailer that’s best suited for your business. The process for finding and buying an ideal construction trailer can be broken down into three parts: payload capacity, working population, and trailer type.

Key Points To Consider Before Purchasing A Construction Trailer

Payload Capacity

Payload capacity is the maximum amount of weight you can safely add to the trailers. Total weight or payload capacity is crucial in choosing a construction trailer for your needs because you may need to haul all possible small to medium-sized tools and equipment in the trailer. The right one should be able to accommodate all the tools and other non-work essentials that your construction team will bring along during the off-site project.

Working Population

Before purchasing a construction trailer, you must finalize the number of people who’d be working in it to determine the correct size and shape for your needs. In addition to accommodating all tools, you can include the number of people in calculating the payload capacity when looking for a trailer. 

Trailer Type

You can choose from different types of construction trailers available in the market. Here are the most widely-used ones:


  • A single-axle construction trailer is a vehicle that is primarily meant for carrying materials and supplies. It has only one set of wheels and is smaller and easier to manoeuvre. Such trailers are specially designed to be easily pushed or towed behind a truck.

  • Tandem axle trailers have two axles instead of one. This design allows for a larger cargo capacity and offers stability at high speeds and on highways.

  • Gooseneck trailers have a centre pivot and have an arched neck like a goose. The pivot allows the trailer to rotate to quickly hook up with anything. A gooseneck trailer's total weight capacity depends on whether it's using a single or tandem axle.

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