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3 Ways to Make the Most of Small Office Spaces

October 17, 2019

Whether you need a portable office solution onsite, or require a temporary office space while your main office location undergoes renovation – there are a myriad of reasons why your business might need to utilize an office space trailer.


One caveat of office trailers is that they are unable to accommodate the furniture and office equipment as a conventional commercial building-based office space would. Luckily, there are ways to effectively make the most of small office spaces so you can focus on the work at hand.


Today we’ll discuss 3 ways you can maximize workspace in your office space trailer.


Dedicated Task-Based Workstations


If the demands of everyday work involve performing multiple tasks, it can be difficult for small office spaces to accommodate those needs. One way to mitigate those demands without compromising on the performance of operations is to plan ahead and create task-based workstations. Compiling multiple tasks into one workspace solution will also serve to save on space.


“Is it absolutely necessary?”


It might be tempting to bring all work stations and equipment from your previous office space into the new, much smaller, office space. But it’s probable that the new space simply won’t have the capacity to accommodate all those items. Similar to Marie Kondo’s idea of “sparking joy”, one way to clearly assess whether or not you need an item is to ask yourself “is it absolutely necessary?”. That is, is this item in question essential to performing everyday work duties? If not – then it’s probably best to leave it behind.


Storage Storage Storage


Our final tip for how to maximize workspace in your office space trailer is to make the most of storage solutions. Based on the size and scope of what your office needs are, finding a suitable storage solution can serve to accommodate the items you need, but don’t use on a regular basis. If you’re uncertain on what to look for, start by figuring out what it is you plan on taking to the new office space – and base your storage solutions on accommodating those items.