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4 Easy Ways to Fully Inspect Washroom Trailers For Quality

March 04, 2021

On an outdoor worksite, washroom trailers play an important role for the employees. If your project site is far from any office building, having an efficient washroom is critical for your employees. While a worksite wouldn’t necessarily need a hotel-grade washroom, it does need one that’s sufficiently effective, and fully functional.


Here are four quick ways to inspect your washroom trailers for quality


Check Plumbing and Toilet Lines

The plumbing and toilet lines will pass through the entire structure, introducing fresh water and getting rid of sewage simultaneously. Any compromise in these lines can spell trouble which could lead to a shutdown of the washroom, which means zero accessible washroom trailers in the middle of a strenuous worksite schedule. That’s why it’s important to hire a reliable trailer manufacturer who will check plumbing and toilet lines before the trailer’s brought to the worksite.

Determine Refuse and Sewage Path

Any good manufacturer of mobile trailers will check the refuse and sewage path for blockages or other such issues. Refuse paths are crucial because the lack of a proper septic site and actual refusal methods could lead to challenging situations. Therefore, both manufacturers and clients must check these areas for maximum efficiency.

Choose a Water Source

Electric or manual water pumps can use water from a worksite's water source. On the other hand, most modular washrooms can connect to an external water source, such as a regularly-refilled worksite water tank. Ask your trailer rental or manufacturing company about your worksite's conditions, and they can recommend the best solutions for you in no time.

Identify Infrastructure Damage on the Trailer

The washroom trailer will be housing facilities that your employees will need to use regularly. While this isn’t pertaining to water pumps or plumbing, it’s still important to identify any infrastructure damages, especially on trailer rentals. If you spot damages after the installation on your worksite, it could be more troublesome as you’ll then have to wait for a few days or even weeks before you can get a replacement trailer, which in turn will affect the progress of your project.

Work with the Most Reliable Trailer Manufacturers

You can always count on Miller Office Trailers for all your washroom, office, and mobile trailer needs. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.