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4 Key Differences Between Modular Buildings & Mobile Trailers

July 22, 2022

The skyrocketing value of real estate has pushed many small-scale business operators to find alternative spaces. The increasing need for a space to conduct their businesses or run their offices has urged them to go for faster, cheaper and dependable options. Modular buildings and mobile trailers are the frontrunners in this case. While both offer pros and cons, here is how you can identify what is the best option for you.

Key Differences Between Modular Buildings & Mobile Trailers

Modular buildings are made of various parts produced in the factory. Each component is pre-assembled and shipped to the desired location for assembling. Whereas, mobile trailers are built as a whole in a factory and simply transported to the location as a finished product. 

Modular buildings are traditional structures built using a modular construction technique. They are an ideal option for fixed on-site solutions like godowns, factories, building offices etc. On the other hand, mobile trailers are suitable for setting up mobile offices, homes, washrooms, etc. that are movable and could be set up within a short period. 

Time consumption:
The time required for the construction of a modular building is considerably more as opposed to mobile trailers. Multiple units require specialized labourers for assembling. Mobile trailers are constructed in a factory with all the necessary elements packed into one. It requires no skilled labourers or much time and is ideal for urgent requirements.

Undoubtedly, modular buildings cost much more than mobile trailers owing to the additional labour, transportation, and manufacturing cost.

Mobile trailers are your best bet if you are on a tight budget and have urgent requirements. You can simply rely on Miller Mobile Trailers to meet your needs. We take customer satisfaction seriously and will provide you with nothing but the best. Speak to us today!