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4 Reasons Why The Demand for Mobile Homes is on The Rise in 2021

April 15, 2021

Mobile homes have been around since time immemorial. Over the years, mobile homes have always been a distant second to traditional homes for fulfilling housing needs. However, in these unprecedented times of pandemic, there seems to be a steady rise in demand for mobile homes when compared to site-built homes.

Let’s look at 4 reasons why mobile homes are highly popular in 2021: 

Cheaper than buying a home in the current real estate scenario

As the cost to purchase a traditional home is skyrocketing, a lot of homebuyers are considering affordable mobile homes that are much cheaper than site-built homes. Since the initial investment cost is not as high as that of the traditional homes, mobile homes are much easier on your pocket.  

Easier to get mortgages/ chattel loans

Since the cost of mobile homes is comparatively lesser than site-built homes, there isn’t much hassle in getting a mortgage or chattel loan approved by the bank. It is easier to get loans for mobile homes as you are looking to finance a much lesser amount when compared to financing for traditional houses.

Mobile homes are recession-proof

Be it the global recession of 2007-2009 or the pandemic-driven economic crisis of 2020, mobile homes have not just withstood but flourished during these periods. Since mobile homes offer one of the most affordable forms of living, at times cheaper than renting an average one-bedroom apartment, they attract a lot of homeowners who are looking to downsize their cost of living during the recession.  

Increased emphasis on aesthetics, design, and luxury

Gone are the days when mobile homes were not considered to be as classy as site-built homes. With increasing focus on building aesthetically appealing mobile homes that are designed to provide luxurious living in limited space, a modern mobile home can offer the class and finesse that is often accompanied by traditional housing.  

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