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4 Tips On How to Set Up A Restroom Trailer For An Event

September 15, 2022

The use of washroom trailers is on the rise, especially in outdoor events. They are temporary setups with equal or even more features than traditional washrooms. Restroom trailers also provide convenience and many additional benefits compared to their conventional counterpart. In this blog post, we will discuss how to set up a washroom trailer for an event. 

A Complete Guide On How to Set Up A Restroom Trailer

Estimate the appropriate trailer size:
The first step is to estimate the number of people attending the event and choose the right-sized washroom trailer. You must also consider a few other factors like the time of the event, the duration and the space at the event venue to park the trailer.

Estimate the number of stations required:
Stations refer to the number of toilets and urinals that can be utilized at the same time. The number of stations must be determined according to the number of people attending the event and also its duration. For instance, a trailer with two stations would be enough for a 4-hour event with 100 people. The requirement would be higher in case there are more people, if the duration is more or if drinks are served.

Finalize the features:
Every washroom trailer comes with basic features like electricity, water supply, and waste holding tank. However, a posh wedding or a full-fledged corporate event would require restroom trailers with luxury interiors and air-conditioning. One might need additional features depending on the type of event. 

Plan the location of the trailer:
While a trailer toilet can be moved to the desired location, it can only be done before the start of the event to avoid inconvenience. To ensure this, make sure there is enough space for the trailer to be parked and that the guests can easily access it.  

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