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4 Tips To Make Your Washroom Trailers Luxurious

August 22, 2022

Portable restrooms are nothing new. From outdoor events to construction sites, washroom trailers serve significant purposes. They are cheap, durable and most importantly, portable. Outdoor events are usually temporary, which is why it is wise to not invest in permanent toilets. A washroom trailer can be rented as per the requirement and convenience. Here are 5 ways you can make your washroom trailers stylish and luxurious ahead of a classy event.

4 Tips To Make Your Washroom Trailers Luxurious

Lighted mirrors:
Interiors of the washroom trailers matter a lot, especially if the event is a classy one like a wedding or an outdoor concert. People use washrooms also to check on their appearance. Having lighted mirrors will give your washroom trailer the desired classy touch. 

Granite/Faux marble countertops:
If you desire to add a luxurious touch to your washroom trailer, go for granite or faux marble countertops. Granite is used in interior decor for high-end detailing, whereas faux marbles are paints that make the surface look like marble. If you are on a tight budget, you must opt for faux marble countertops than granite.

Ventilation and aroma:
An air-conditioned washroom trailer without proper ventilation would be a nightmare. There must be proper ventilation and exhaust fans to avoid odour and promote freshness. Make sure the trailer is aromatic. Use of incense, and automatic or manual air freshener is highly recommended. 

Keep it spacious:
Even though you incorporate all the aforementioned features, your washroom trailer will still lack that luxurious touch if it is cramped. Less number of washroom booths and enough space is always better than more booths and less space.

You can depend on Miller Office Trailers for high-quality washroom trailers for all types of events. You can choose to rent or buy, from our fleet of mobile trailers. Speak to us today!