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4 Types of Winter Events that Would Benefit from Washroom Trailers

February 07, 2019

While winter may not seem like the ideal time to hold an outdoor event, people still find reasons to gather outside in colder weather. Many events can’t be accommodated indoors due to the amount of space required or the nature of the event. A snowy landscape can actually provide a beautiful setting for certain types of events, such as a winter wedding or a winter-themed festival.


Winter outdoor events that host large crowds are arguably in greater need of comfortable washroom solutions than summer events.


Washroom trailers are a great option for these events as they can accommodate large numbers of people and provide a comfortable, temperature-controlled environment. Here are four types of winter events that would benefit from washroom trailer rentals.  


Winter Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets occur year-round, and are typically held in public parks to accommodate a larger number of vendors and visitors. This is a perfect example of a type of outdoor event that would benefit from having washroom trailers on site. Not only are washrooms needed by the public who attend the market, they are essential for the vendors who spend long hours at the market selling their products. Events focused on food must have washroom facilities strategically placed around the area to provide visitors with a comfortable experience.


Winter Wedding

If you’re planning to host an outdoor wedding in your backyard with at least a dozen guests, a washroom trailer can alleviate any stress placed on the washrooms in your home. Our washroom trailers are much more suitable for a wedding than portable washrooms; they have the look and feel of a residential washroom and they’re kept maintained and cleaned. If you’re holding your wedding at a public space, your guests will be grateful for a private set of washrooms where they won’t have to wait in line.



Winter is the time for beer festivals! Beerfests are a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family outdoors. At any event where alcohol is being served, washrooms will experience much more traffic. This is the kind of event that would benefit from trailers that consist of multiple washroom stalls instead of a few individual portable washrooms.


Recreational Sites

While skating rinks and other outdoor recreational sites catering to winter activities may have permanent washroom facilities, they could do with additional, temporary washroom solutions during peak seasonal use. Cross-country skiing sites, hiking trails and winter campgrounds all need washrooms located throughout the area, rather than being concentrated in one location. Washroom trailers can be rented for longer periods to accommodate visitors at recreational sites.


At Miller Office Trailers, we have washroom trailers of various sizes for rent or sale. Our wash cars are well maintained, clean and affordable for short-term or long-term use. They also have electric baseboard heating and insulation for climate control in the colder months. Contact us if you’re in need of a washroom trailer for your building site or event!