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5 Tips to get a Mobile Home for your Emergency Housing Needs

March 11, 2021

Even when you are prepared to face the worst, an emergency can hit you in the most unexpected ways. Natural disasters, fires, and other such incidents could cause severe damages to your house, and while you could be braced to tackle the aftermath, you will still have to figure out a solution to meet your housing needs. While a mobile home may be smaller than your home that probably suffered the damages, it’s still a cozy shelter that you can personalise and call your own. Here are five quick ways in which you can secure a modular home if something were to affect your current living situation.

Tips to get a Mobile Home during an Emergency

Call Your Insurer

The first step to deal with an emergency housing situation would be to call your insurer and check what benefits are listed under your policy. If you need a house to live in quickly after an emergency, but don’t know where to start, your insurer could be helpful. A lot of insurers would be able to refer you to a quality modular home manufacturer.


Consult Local Government

Even if you have a good home insurance policy, it could take time to build a new home or repair the damages. Meanwhile, it’s way more convenient to consider mobile trailers for emergency housing. In such a situation, remember that you can count on the local government to help you find a mobile home manufacturer. We recommend calling your local government office to get leads on finding a new home.


Research Online

With the internet, information on trailers and modular property manufacturers is readily available, and it’s quite easy to find a company to work with. So use the internet to your advantage and research available mobile homes. However, be prepared to wait for at least a week or two for the company to get your mobile property ready.  


Purchase an Emergency House

If money isn’t a problem, you could go ahead and purchase a modular home and your insurer might be able to reimburse you later. However, we highly recommend that you first confirm this with your insurer if financial reimbursement is an option for you.


Relief Now, Pay Later

For some reason, if your insurance cannot provide for you and you're in a financial crunch, you could try to avail a loan to get a modular property. Most banks have specialised loans for emergency use. Some modular home manufacturers have in-house financing services too.


Use The Most Reliable Modular Home Manufacturer

If you are yet to find a dependable manufacturer for your modular home needs, you can always count on us at Miller Mobile Offices. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.