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6 Essential Items For Your Construction Site Office

July 27, 2022

Construction projects are time-consuming and require planning and preparation. Setting up a site office is one of the first jobs to be done at a work site as it is considered the heart of the construction site. A site office is where employees report before and after the day's work. 

It is where high-level managers conduct meetings and secure their equipment and documents from theft and harsh weather. A construction project is usually temporary which is why opting for a  portable construction trailer is better than building a stationary one. Read on to find out some of the essential items for your construction site office.

6 Essential Items For Your Construction Site Office

Site diary:
It is crucial to keep a daily record of progress and to plan what needs to be done. A site diary will help you keep a track of these.

Fire and emergency plan:
Your site office must have a fire and emergency plan that is well understood by all. So that during an emergency, people will know how to act.

Fire extinguisher:
The site office is where you store essential items and what can be more essential than a fire extinguisher? You should possess a fire extinguisher close to your hand.

Training records:
A site manager or a contractor must have detailed knowledge of which worker is trained to do what. All these details can be found in training records which should be kept in a site office.

First-Aid kit:
A construction site is a high-risk area and is prone to all types of accidents. Contractors must comply with first-aid requirements without fail. 

Personal protective equipment kit:
PPE kit ensures the safety of workers and visitors at a construction site. You must make sure your site office has a few pairs of PPE kits in case there comes a need for replacement or need one for a visitor.

Miller Office Trailers provides highly durable and state-of-the-art site offices. We promise timely delivery and exceptional customer service.