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A Quick Guide to Renting Washroom Trailers

September 19, 2017

Washroom trailers are the best solution for alleviating the discomfort during outdoor events and activities. Having a washroom on site is reassuring to many, who will not need to try to figure out where to go if they need to relieve themselves (and you risk them leaving the event altogether).

With this in mind, how do you go about selecting the right washroom trailer?

As with almost any product for sale these days, there is a lot of variety and a lot to consider. Price, style, dimension and size are a few factors. This quick guide provides everything you need to know about renting washroom trailers.

The Type and Significance of the Event:

What type of event is this washroom trailer for? How much space do you have? Begin with these questions, while thinking about the number of guests, demographics (gender, age).Having enough cabins to accommodate the expected number of attendees is important.

Here are a few other characteristics to consider:

  • Adequate Water Storage - Most washroom trailers are built with a reservoir that is enough to store water throughout the event. These reservoirs are designed to be easy to refill, in case the water runs out.
  • Sufficient Amount of Space - These trailers are specially designed to have space to comfortably accommodate people. The layout of trailers is also designed to maximize the entire space.
  • Designated Sections for Males and Females - The best thing about washroom trailers are the separate sections for males and females. This gives both genders the privacy they need while relieving themselves.
  • Installed Mirrors - This feature is common in most trailers. Most low budget trailers do not have any mirrors installed.
  • Sanitary Utilities - Examples of this include paper towels, towels, and hand wash.

We offer clean, affordable and well-maintained washroom trailers of various sizes, with the amenities of an office or residential space. They are 23’ x 10’ in size with three distinctive floor plans. To learn more, call us at 1-800-668-0414!