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Affordable Office Trailer Rental Services For All Your Needs!

May 29, 2020

Are you in need of an affordable temporary space that has all the elements of a full suite office? Consider renting an office trailer for your next project! Miller Office Trailers is your go-to for office trailer rental services to accommodate all of your different needs. Many of the trailers are designed to provide you with fully functional office space for an affordable price.

We also have a variety of mobile trailers that can be custom fitted to suit different requirements. Let’s take a look at some to help you find the perfect working space you need: 



Our 19’ X 8’ mobile office is a small one-room trailer. This trailer is equipped with an 8’ desk, 8’ hinged plan table, and 2 chairs ready to accommodate daily business transactions. Its size provides enough space for a small office and a living area that can be used for storage or converted into another office. 



This one-room layout is open with one exterior door. Its large open area can perfectly accommodate larger office furniture and equipment. This size is also available in a two-room layout with an interior door that joins them.



If you want an extra-large space, then this 43’ X 10’ mobile office is what you are looking for. It has a 10’ X 10’ office at the back and 30’ X 10’ office in front. It is roomy enough to be made into a lunchroom, a lounging area, or a living area with more room for built-in cabinets and storage cupboards. 

All the above trailers come with:

  • Electric Baseboard Heating

  • Fluorescent Lighting

  • 100 amp Service Panel with Ample Duplex Receptacles Throughout

  • Slider Windows with Screens and Storms

  • Commercial-Grade (Corlon) Rolled Goods on the Floor

  • Insulation for Comfortable Year-Round Use

  • An air conditioning system is optional depending on the client's request. 


Miller’s office trailer rental services allow you to enjoy a convenient and cost-effective solution to your temporary space needs. Contact us today if you have any questions about our office trailer rental services. We also offer customized solutions if required.