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An Overview Of Office Space Trailer Sizes

October 19, 2021

Mobile office trailers are the best option for your business when it comes to finding some provisional office space. They are easy to set up and reasonable and can be designed as per your specific business requirements. Office space trailers come in various sizes and configurations, and top-notch manufacturers can accommodate most configurations. 

Three Basic Sizes Of Office Space Trailers

Given below are three sizes of mobile office trailers that you can get from most trailer manufacturers:


A single-wide office trailer is the most common form of mobile office space trailer. These trailers typically come in single-wide models and can be up to 14 feet wide. They are usually used for short-term or temporary needs such as construction, retail, film production, etc. However, they do have their share of disadvantages, such as limited storage space and lack of windows.


Double-wide office space trailers provide large, open spaces for employees. With ample space, these trailers are the perfect solution for firms in the real estate industry. The standard dimensions of double-wide trailers can be up to 28 feet wide, and specifications can include higher ceilings, ample space, and a variety of layouts. Such double-wide office space units might include a kitchen and a breakout area too. The disadvantages include the higher cost of materials, the complexity of installation, the lack of control with layout, and possibly the lack of privacy. However, you can request manufacturers to add partitions to create separate rooms.


A triple-wide office space trailer is a mobile unit that can be moved and set up in multiple locations. When you need ample space for your employees, these units can be quickly transported from one place to another. Its larger size guarantees a larger area to work and store, and more space to accommodate department-wise meetings. The typical dimensions of this unit can be up to 42 feet wide and these trailers are often bulkier in size.

Choosing The Right One For Your Needs

The trailer size will depend on the amount of space you are looking to accommodate. The more rooms you need, the more features you might want to add. Business needs are essential in selecting the best office trailer because they determine the type of office trailer that you may want to invest in. Office space trailers typically range from smaller, enclosed units to larger, open-air trailers. 

Many businesses select open-air office trailers as they may need a large area for storage or may want to transport large equipment. You can get the best trailers from Miller Office Trailers. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.