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Celebrating 75 Years – A History of Miller Mobile Offices

June 19, 2020

Miller Mobile Offices has been the premier provider of mobile office spaces for Ontario businesses for 75 illustrious years now. Over these long and eventful years as a business, we have grown tremendously and continuously adapted to the evolving needs of an increasingly diverse clientele. Indeed, our time as a business has opened our eyes to all the wondrous ways mobile office spaces can be used to benefit different industries, and we are ever thankful to our clients and customers for helping us grow. 


Every business has its start somewhere. After 75 years of inspiring growth, we want to take some time today to look back on how our experiences have shaped us as a company. 


Founder Walter James Miller returned from the war in the mid 1940’s to a Canada that was experiencing rapid changes in its economy. Then, his wife Catherine Miller was working at a hair salon, and she used her savings to purchase for Walter his very first camper/travel trailer, thereby setting him on a path of working with trailers. That day, Miller Trailers was born.  


Starting in the recreational vehicle and travel trailer business, Walter Miller slowly grew his business, passing it on to his son David Miller. The 1970’s and 1980’s saw many businesses diversify the way they conducted their operations, and David saw the potential of trailers to play a part in this growth. Together with Walter, they decided to shift gears into focusing on the construction industry, developing mobile office spaces and construction trailers for sale.  


Indeed, this shift represented great change but also success for the Miller Trailers business, thus evolving into Miller Mobile Offices. Despite all these great developments, the Millers continued to approach the business as a family business, preserving their roots and maintaining deep ties to their community, prioritizing customer service and providing a personalized touch to every business transaction. In 2013, David Miller’s two sons, Jeff and Matt, took over as third-generation family owners, eager to maintain these qualities of a tight-knit, family-oriented business that puts customers first and values its staff.  


To date, Miller Mobile Offices continues to maintain its strong reputation, satisfying our clients with our commitment to quality and cleanliness. Our amazing service staff, who have been with us for years, consistently give their all to make sure our mobile office spaces and trailers are the best of the best. We take great pride in our staff and workers, from our dedicated and professional truck drivers to our caring and capable customer service staff.  


It is our goal to continue preserving and bettering the legacy set by Walter Miller. From his humble beginnings as a hardworking entrepreneur, his vision and commitment has made Miller Mobile Offices what it is today, helped along the way by trustworthy, loyal staff.  


Rest assured, as industry in Southern Ontario continues to evolve, Miller Mobile Office will always be there, committed to giving our customers reliable mobile office space options at competitive rates, all while maintaining excellent customer service. Here’s to many more exciting years of growth!