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Compare and Contrast: Mobile Trailers Vs. Tiny Homes

June 28, 2019

If HGTV is your go-to TV channel of choice, you’re probably aware of the newest trend in all things home: the tiny house.

The tiny house is essentially the minimalist dream. Being able to fit all your belongings in less than 400 square feet might seem like an impossible task, but people have turned living in smaller spaces into a powerful movement.


What is the Tiny House Movement?


The Tiny House movement – also known as the small house movement, is both an architectural and social movement that backs the ideals of simple living by choosing to live in smaller homes. Tiny House advocates typically hold ideals that include not living life in excess and shifting the consumer-driven mindset that tends to dominate western society. But you don't have to live in a tiny house to adopt the simple living lifestyle. RV's, campers, and mobile trailers have become alternatives to the tiny house. 


How are Tiny Houses Different from Mobile Trailers?


While tiny houses and trailers can both serve as a smaller place to live – there are a few fundamental differences that set them apart.

Making your home in a mobile trailer allows you to get around certain building codes that are required of a home anchored to the earth. In general, trailers tend to be more cost-effective than tiny homes. Mobile trailers are less embellished than tiny homes. If you watch HGTV, you probably know that despite being smaller, the costs involved in constructing a tiny home can begin to add up when compared to the costs involved in constructing a mobile trailer. Either way – both options are more cost effective than purchasing a regular size property at market value.


What are the Benefits to Downsizing?


Downsizing is one aspect of the tiny house movement. The philosophy behind tiny house living is to shift the consumer-driven mindset we are accustomed to. Changing the focus from material objects to cultivating relationships with people is fundamental to this movement.

One benefit to downsizing is the environmental impact – by living small you are consuming less when it comes to emissions, waste, and materials involved in the construction process in comparison to living and constructing a conventional two-storey home.

As you can also imagine, the financial benefits of downsizing are also significant. Not having to pay off a mortgage, and the reduced costs associated with maintenance and construction are huge money savers.


Where Can I Purchase a Mobile Trailer?


The benefits of tiny living are definitely appealing. Miller Office Trailers sells affordable, well-maintained trailers in a range of sizes, internal dimensions, and contemporary amenities. If you’re looking to embrace living more simply, consider purchasing one of our mobile trailers!