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Cost Drivers of Portable and Mobile Homes

March 13, 2017

As with other products, there are specific factors that influence the pricing of mobile and portable homes. In technical financial terms, these are called the cost drivers of the portable and mobile home. Interestingly, a home that could cost a few dollars, can be priced hundreds of dollars, but why? Here are the main cost drivers, which potential owners of portable homes should keep in mind.

  • Geographical location – the closer to a custom fabricator, the cheaper a mobile home is likely to be. This is primarily due to the low delivery costs associated with your purchase.
  • Season and demand levels – Like most other products, portable homes have seasonal peaks and lows. A budget home owner should consider buying the home during the off-peak season. This helps in keeping the purchase costs low, without compromising on the quality of the end product.
  • Delivery fees – Portable home manufacturers incur expenses in delivering and installing purchased products. In response, they charge their clients an equivalent amount for the delivery and installation of the consignment.
  • Length of contract – The mobile home is often delivered through direct purchases or leaseholds. When leased or rented, the facilities accrue charges depending on the contract duration. Budget home owners looking for cheaper options should consider purchasing trailer facilities, instead of hiring or renting out.
  • Size of trailer – It is typical for mobile home manufacturers to custom-make their products. In other instances, the trailers are standardized at the 20 and 40 feet options, each having a price tag commensurate to its design and size.
  • Custom fixtures – Mobile offices are often custom designed to accommodate various fixtures and contents, depending on user specifications.

To produce a cost-effective mobile home, you need to have the right workmanship in place. At the heart of the right facilities for your portable home is Miller Office Trailers, a company specializing in the delivery of the best trailers for your needs.