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Design Ideas for Your Mobile Home

February 17, 2021

Mobile homes are increasingly popular for all kinds of demographics across the country. Travelers have been hyping up interest in mobile homes for years, and indeed, there has always been a significant population of mobile home owners who prefer a more convenient, no-frills lifestyle.


The biggest setback against mobile homes has been the misconception that they are not as aesthetically pleasing.


With decades of experience in the mobile home industry, we at Miller Mobile Offices can firmly say that this is untrue. Especially with modern sensibilities and an increased interest in minimal living, mobile homes actually provide the perfect opportunity for you to fully customize your own space, and have a home that truly feels like your own.


Here are some design and decoration ideas for creating your dream home:


1. Colours


Mobile homes have limited space, and as such it is important that your colour choices open up rooms and create the illusion of space. The best way to do this is by using lighter colours. Use glossy whites for the ceilings to facilitate light reflection. This will have the effect of making your ceiling appear taller.


2. Furnishings


Again, with limited space, you will need to get creative. There are plenty of custom furniture options that are double-function or multipurpose. For instance, benches or seating fixtures can have storage space underneath. Shelves can be fixed onto the walls to create storage for books, decoration, pictures, and more. This way, you do not need to purchase a dedicated bookshelf that can take up a lot of space.


3. Use the Outdoors


One of the best things about mobile homes is how connected you can be to your surroundings and nature. Why not extend your living space by making use of decks, patios, and porches? You can store your outdoor furniture efficiently by making use of folding tables or chairs. Having a gorgeous outdoor setup will work wonders for your living satisfaction.


For more information on our mobile homes, call Miller Mobile Offices today!