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How Do Suppliers Keep Washroom Trailers Safe and Sanitary?

October 05, 2022

Washroom trailers are gaining popularity due to their convenience and distinct features. From corporate events, public squares and luxurious private ceremonies to sporting venues, portable washrooms can be found everywhere. They are an upscale yet economical option for sanitation on the go. They are cheaper than their traditional counterparts and also can be rented for the desired duration, thus saving time, space and money. In this blog post, we bring you simple ways how trailer manufacturers improve and maintain the safety and cleanliness of washroom trailers.

Here's how washroom trailers are kept safe and hygienic

General cleaning:
Restroom trailers are constantly in use, making their maintenance and cleaning a top priority. To avoid odour and facilitate a pleasant interior, the manufacturers often carry out general cleaning using cleaning tools and janitorial equipment. Mineral spirits and common detergents are used to wash away any grease marks and tough stains. A high-pressure washer plays a significant role during the general cleaning process. It helps the cleaners get rid of the detergent, dirt and debris residues. General cleaning also involves cleaning the water and storage tanks.

In-between cleaning:
While general cleaning is done before renting the trailer out, in-between cleaning is carried out while the washroom trailer is out on rent. Many trailer manufacturers or suppliers offer in-between cleaning to their clients. This is very much helpful in events where a large crowd is expected. In-between cleaning involves keeping the trailer floor constantly dry, keeping the mirrors clean, constantly keeping the water and other utility supplies in check, and ensuring a constantly aromatic environment.

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