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How Mobile Homes Can Solve the Housing Crisis

March 07, 2019

Many major cities across the globe are experiencing a housing crisis—in which a growing proportion of the population is unable to afford housing as costs increase exponentially. This is a well-documented issue in the state of California, where citizens are living in their cars as an alternative. Major cities in Canada, including Toronto and Vancouver, are not excluded from this housing crisis. For those who find themselves unable to pay asking rent prices in the city or surrounding suburbs, the mobile home may be the ideal solution.


Homelessness and the Housing Crisis in Toronto

There were 101 recorded deaths of homeless people in Toronto in 2017, according to Toronto Public Health. This is probably an underestimate, as not every death of a homeless person is reported. Winter conditions in Toronto that year were especially severe, with extreme cold weather warnings and record-low temperatures. Toronto experiences temperature extremes as it cycles through the four seasons, as well as fluctuating temperatures within a season. This makes living in Toronto as a homeless person unbearable at times, and even dangerous.


There are over 9,000 homeless people in Toronto.


According to Fred Victor, a charitable organization focused on improving living situations for low-income people and the homeless in Toronto, there are over 9,000 homeless people in Toronto. Homelessness can result from a number of different factors, one of which is a lack of affordable housing. The housing market has changed significantly in the last decade, with rental costs reaching an all-time high. Around 98% of Toronto shelters are already occupied every night, and over 95,000 people are on the subsidized housing waitlist. The most telling statistic is that around 76% of homeless people report that they need help to pay Toronto’s rent rates in order to get out of homelessness. Now that we’ve identified the major cause of homelessness in Toronto, let’s provide a solution.


Mobile Homes Can Maintain Your Dignity

Mobile homes are a great source of unsubsidized, affordable housing. Instead of having your entire paycheck go towards your rent, or living in your car, you can rent or buy a mobile home. Government-subsidized mobile housing is not currently an option, but is an idea worth considering. This is because mobile homes can be more economical than permanent housing units, they afford their tenants safety and privacy and they provide flexibility in terms of where the tenants can live.


Modern mobile homes are designed for functionality and comfort.


There may be a stigma that comes with living in a mobile home, but they are, in fact, a housing solution that maintains your dignity. Modern mobile homes are designed for functionality and comfort; we can even provide trailers for a family of up to six people. The bottom line: mobiles homes can help to meet the growing demand for affordable housing.


At Miller Office Trailers, we offer affordable mobile home trailers for rent and sale. Our mobile homes come in a range of sizes, and all of them are equipped with amenities for comfortable and convenient living. Contact us today to find a mobile home that suits all of your needs!