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How to Accessorize Construction Trailers for Further Benefits

January 11, 2021

Mobile office trailers are commonly used in various industries to meet shifting needs in the line of work. The most widely utilized for temporary office space is a construction trailer as it is easy to set up and can be used right away. This type of trailer can also haul and store items in transit between mobile sites. Moreover, it provides site management with a professional setting to do paperwork, conduct meetings, and perform collaborations. This trailer also allows on-the-spot adjustments, reduces travel time between job sites, and as a result enhances productivity. Most construction trailers come with standard office features but you can request for customization with added benefits. 


Another popular application of mobile trailers is for sales offices where sales agents can entertain potential clients. A trailer can also function as a laboratory where testing can be done onsite, or as training offices for new personnel. Other industries such as education and healthcare find these trailers extremely useful for projects that need flexibility and mobility. While choosing the right size and building components are the first things to look out for, knowing what accessories to have is the next step.


These additional items will make the trailer look more aesthetically pleasing all while reaching maxiumum benefits.


Shelves: Extra space for storage is one of the key benefits of using trailers. Additional shelving can be added to the floor layout and comes in various material options. You can opt for a wooden, platform, or wire rack. 


Ramps: There are strict building codes to adhere to when installing a ramp. It should have specific supports and a path that is wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. Ramps have to be available for those who have accessibility needs and can easily come and go.  


Decks, awnings, and steps: a deck is important if personnel frequently carries tools and materials in and out of the trailer most frequently, while awning may help in controlling climate by the shades they provide. They can also enhance the overall look of the trailer. Finally, steps are important for a construction trailer that does not have any doors or entry points at the ground level. 


If you’re looking to add another layer of functionality to your business, Miller Mobile Offices have a range of mobile trailers that can save you time, money and increase productivity for your workers. Contact us today to learn about our full range of trailers and features!