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How to Add More Value to A Construction Trailer

September 01, 2020

Mobile office trailers are commonly used in many industries nowadays to meet different business needs. The most common type utilized for temporary office space is a construction trailer because it is very easy to set up and can be used right away. It can also haul and store items in transit between your mobile sites while providing your site management a good place to do paperwork, hold meetings, and perform collaborative works.


Trailers also enable on-the-spot adjustments, reduce travel time between job sites, thus increasing business productivity. 


Though a mobile trailer often comes with standard office needs, you can often request customizations for added benefits. The following additional features can improve the look of your trailer and allow for optimal use:


Shelving: additional space for storage is one of the key benefits of using trailers. Additional shelving can be added to the floor layout and comes in various material options. You can opt for a wooden, platform, or wire rack. 


Skirting: this item is a must-have for aesthetic reasons. It hides the unsightly elements of a construction trailer, such as wires, pipes, poles, braces, tires, and the leveling feet which hold the trailer up. It can also improve the insulation and energy consumption of your trailer. 


Accessible ramps: there are stringent building codes for ramp installations. It should have specific supports and a path that is wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair and has to be handicap accessible.  


Decking, awnings, and steps: decking is important especially if personnel need to carry tools and materials in and out of the trailer frequently, whereas awnings help in controlling climate by the shades they provide. They can also enhance the entire look of the trailer. Finally, steps are essential for a trailer that does not have doors or entry points at the ground level. 


Miller Office Trailers provides the best in class mobile offices including the construction trailer, both for rentals and sales. They are affordable and well-maintained site offices of different sizes, internal dimensions, and can be equipped with all the convenient amenities. Give us a call and ask for more details!