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How to Create the Illusion of a Larger Mobile Office Space

January 31, 2020

If you feel like your office area isn’t spacious enough, there are tricks to create a wider and more expansive environment.

Let’s explore some cost-effective options to improve the look and feel of your mobile office space.


Paint Interior Walls with White


One trick that is commonly used is to paint the interior walls white. It only depends on the surface of the interior walls as certain paints are more suitable than others. When it comes to choosing the right colours, white or light colours are most effective. Light colours are reflective which creates an illusion of a bigger space. On the contrary, dark colours absorb light which could make any room appear closed in.




Having proper lighting will brighten up any space, whether its natural or artificial. If you don't like the cost of having additional windows, then placing mirrors will help.  Mirrors placed directly across windows will reflect light around the room and will instantly brighten your work space.   

Other obvious alternatives would be adding lighting fixtures like floor lamps or lamp shades. Adding these details will surely elevate the interior design of your mobile office space.


Maximize Space


Oftentimes, it is a challenge to keep things organized in a small space. Smart use of space is the key in order to maximize the limited space you have. Oftentimes, all you need is a little creativity to pull off the ambience you want.


Less Clutter Means More Space


You can always avoid the cramped look of a small office space if you eliminate unnecessary items. Avoid covering the walls with a lot of pictures and try to store your items in boxes to avoid visible clutter.

Depending on your preference, we offer mobile offices in different sizes to accommodate your needs. What’s more, our mobile trailers are outfitted with advanced technology to give you comfort and convenience. Call us today to learn more.