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How to Prepare your Site for a Construction Trailer

July 15, 2021

Mobile office trailers are designed with high flexibility in mind, and are an excellent solution to your temporary office space needs. They make for a popular option among a wide variety of industries, particularly within the construction field. So, you may be scouting for a construction trailer in order to meet your mobile office requirements. After choosing the best trailer, it is important to be prepared for its delivery.

For a construction trailer, Miller Office Trailers is the right destination, and our knowledgeable team is ready to supply the unit that meets your needs.

The preparation starts with knowing the most significant aspects of your site. These include information about the space available, ground conditions, and utility connections. Determining these factors in advance will help you ensure the quick and smooth delivery of your trailer.

Is the space I have enough to fit the trailer?

Typically, for construction trailers with a size of 40-feet, your site must be able to accommodate a 100-foot long, 20-foot tall, and 12-feet wide vehicle that will deliver the office trailer. For other sizes, the idea still applies that your site should have extra space available for the delivery truck to perform unloading. If the unit you choose has wheels, it will be much easier to position it on-site.

Is the ground level?

It is crucial to ensure that the ground is level. One option is asking the provider if they can help you with this, and if they have an on-site inspector who will determine if your site is ready or a course of action is needed to make it prepared for delivery. The inspector will also look into if a specific kind of foundation is further needed for the trailer and whether the space is fully clear to receive it. This means that there are no overhead obstructions that can interfere with the easy and smooth installation of your construction trailer.