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How Washroom Trailers Are Cleaner Than They’ve Ever Been

November 08, 2019

To provide the best experience to those using washroom trailers, it is important you have a plan in place that will provide an effective means of waste removal.


As a rule of thumb, mobile washrooms implement a vessel of sorts in which the waste goes into, and is capable of holding several gallons of said waste.


With that in mind, just because these vessels can hold exorbitant amounts of waste doesn’t mean you should allow it to fill to maximal capacity. This headroom is in place so that you can avoid less-than-pleasant circumstances from ever happening; overflow is to be avoided at all costs.


As luck would have it, this doesn’t have to be conducted manually in most cases. Mobile washrooms can now be equipped with sensors that can indicate when they are to be emptied.


How Are Washroom Trailers Emptied?

When it comes to actually emptying them, reaching out to a sanitation company is your best bet. The vessels within washroom trailers have been designed with an outlet – of which, the sanitation experts will then connect hoses so that the waste can be vacuumed, withheld, and transported within the large storage tanks on their trucks.


Upon completion, the sanitation firm go on to both sanitise and deodorise the emptied vessel with a chemical agent - previously formaldehyde, but now a more ecological, nitrate-based formulation. The final step of the process involves the sanitation crew treating the extrapolated waste in a facility.


Are Washroom Trailers Sanitary?

The mobile washrooms of today are similar in name, but not in function to those of yesteryear. While it can initially seem like a far stretch to associate an environment of waste with that of hygiene, there exist regimented maintenance and cleaning practices that go into the modern day mobile washroom that may have never crossed your mind.


Let’s take extreme temperature fluctuations as an example, a concept Canadians are wholly familiar with.


When temperatures begin to rise in the hotter seasons, bacterial growth can develop at alarming rates, causing an unsanitary environment – this is no longer the case, sanitation guidelines have now upped the ratio of sanitary chemicals to water, keeping bacteria at bay.


On the flip side, when temperatures plummet in the Canadian winter, waste products develop a strong propensity to become frozen and impede removal efforts. To get around this, an ingenious solution operators now implement is to lower the freezing point of the storage vessel via the introduction of salt.


An Untarnished Pedigree

The experience of Miller Office Trailers dates back to 1945, that’s more than 70 years! We didn’t get this far with the washroom trailers we provide by taking a back seat on quality - when you work with Miller Office Trailers, you can come to expect outstanding service and quality that no one else can match.


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