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Important Considerations When Deciding On a Site Office

December 29, 2020
Important Considerations When Deciding On a Site Office

Are you looking for a mobile site office for your construction site? While there are lots of options available, including ready-made trailers, you still need to put some thought into important features you will want to have.


At Miller Mobile Offices, we are able to provide custom trailers as well as ready-met products.


For a construction site office, you most likely will need a lot of storage space for the tools and equipment your business requires. If you need both an office and storage space, there are trailers that offer both of these requirements in one unit. The site office we provide can also be equipped with water and sewage amenities. Thus, if your particular work site allows for water and sewage connection, you and your workers will enjoy running water. Best of all, some kind of heat and air conditioning system can also be included. Newer models of site offices can also come with a centralized HVAC system that can be controlled.


In case you are concerned with how the outside of your site office looks, no need to worry because Miller designs our trailers to be professional-looking. This is important for sales offices as appearance is a big concern. Make sure you relate your preferences to us so that we at can consult with you on how best to accommodate your choices. There are also certain DIY adjustments you can make to your trailer, such as hiding the gap between the bottom of your mobile office and the ground by using skirting.


Lastly, if your construction office has to be accessible to the public, you have to make sure that it follows all the requirements and guidelines for accessibility for disabled people. It is for this reason that accessible ramps and wheelchair-friendly bathrooms have to be integrated. A reputable supplier such as Miller can answer your questions about this concern. Another primary area of concern is security. Fortunately, there are mobile office trailers that already include exterior lighting, security cameras, an alarm system, and a secure lock. Miller Office Trailers will help you with any security solutions you need.