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Interior Design Trends for Mobile Homes

March 06, 2020

Unconventional homes are sweeping the market by storm, thanks to the advantages they offer in terms of customizability, compactness, and mobility. More and more, manufacturers are defying the stigma that has tainted the industry for so many years, producing top-quality mobile home designs to please the diverse community of mobile living enthusiasts.  


The world of mobile home manufacturing is not only improving in terms of functionality and exterior design, but also in terms of interior design.


After all, the true measure of a home’s value is by how comfortable and livable it is.


Here are some design trends to consider for your mobile abode:


Multipurpose furniture

You must have a soft spot for practicality if you’re living mobile – which is why multipurpose furniture is sure to tickle your fancy. Consider getting pieces such as couches or beds that come with extra storage not just to show off the modernist style of your home, but to conserve space as well.


Farm-style sinks

These sinks are having a huge comeback in interior design. They have a large open basin that is not only convenient for washing pots and pans but also makes your kitchen area look more spacious. Moreover, as they are placed closer to the counter’s edges, they help mitigate the buildup of tension in the back of the person washing the dishes.


A fireplace

If you wanted to have a great focal point in your living area, a fireplace would be a great addition. You can add beautiful accents or splashes of colours through the fireplace mantel. Whether you are looking for sleeker and more modern styles or a traditional and sophisticated design, your home is sure to be enhanced with the addition of a fireplace.


If you are looking for a versatile and reliable mobile home, look no further than Miller Office Trailers. Check out our website to view all the options we provide!