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Mobile Home Guide: The Common Benefits and Drawbacks of Mobile Homes

August 09, 2017

Many people nowadays are open to the idea of investing in a mobile home or manufactured home. Some of them consider it as a more practical option compared to investing in the typical brick and mortar houses that require a regular and consistent upkeep that can be expensive. Others have become skeptical about the values of houses with yards due to the recent market crash. Still others find it to be a more suitable option for their current lifestyle.



Whatever the reasons, nothing will change the fact that investing in a mobile home has its benefits and drawbacks that people have to deal with. To give you an idea of these advantages and disadvantages, listed below are the benefits and drawbacks of a mobile home lifestyle.



Benefits of Investing in a Mobile Home

  • Cheaper - One of the best and probably most significant advantages of purchasing a mobile home is the price. It costs a lot less compared to the typical concrete homes without sacrificing the amenities that a normal home has to offer, making it a very practical option.
  • Low Upkeep - Scaling down from a traditional home to a mobile home significantly reduces utility consumption, leading to lower bills. Manufactured homes also reduce the amount of money to be spent on maintenance, repairs and more.
  • Living Large - Despite its small size, mobile homes also offer the same amenities a traditional home has to offer. Some rental home parks located in great areas offer more perks and luxuries than some neighborhoods do. Mobile homes are considered to be the cheapest way to experience grandeur living.
  • Versatility - Manufactured homes are built with different designs. Some of them can be hooked to a truck to move them and other require a semi to haul them. Both methods are cheaper compared to moving an entire house.

Drawbacks of Investing on a Mobile Home

  • Durability - One of the most obvious drawbacks of manufactured homes is the issue of durability. Yes, it is made up of sturdy materials and steel frames, but can it stand against severe weather conditions without a stable foundation?
  • Long Term Value - Nothing will change the fact that traditional homes may appreciate in the long run, allowing them to increase in value, while mobile homes depreciate, losing their value as time passes.