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Mobile Home - Your Lifeline during a Home Renovation

October 06, 2016

Mobile Home - Your Lifeline during a Home Renovation

People have been so accustomed to living in houses, condos and apartments that they could not imagine themselves living in a Mobile home. However, there are unavoidable or unexpected situations where one of the better options is to rent a furnished trailer. For example, if your home is undergoing renovation, it is better to rent a trailer that can be a temporary home instead of exposing your family to all the dust and dirt resulting from the project.

A home remodeling project can be very exciting knowing that in a few weeks or months you will realize your dreams of having a beautiful home. On the other hand, it can be a nightmare with all the noise and mess from the construction crew. Can you imagine the whole family including the pet dogs sleeping in one room because of the chaos? It is very difficult to move around because of the clutter and the piles of boxes that contain your household items. You can’t move to a hotel for the time being because it requires more money that should go instead to the project. Besides that, you do not want to live so far because you want to monitor what’s going on.  Your best option is to rent a trailer that has been designed with all the amenities of a real house.

Space is not actually a problem with Mobile home. At 56’ by 12’ floor space, you have more enough room to stay comfortable without the distractions and inconvenience of living through a remodeling project. A standard Mobile home usually includes a master bedroom with another spare room for the kids. It includes all the important features and amenities like a furnished kitchen, bathroom with shower, sinks and toilet. You will get the surprise of your life when you see the living room that includes a coach and some comfortable chairs. Water, electricity, sewage and gas can easily be connected to your house as long as the trailer is parked at a safe distance. In most cases, providers of Mobile home rentals have trained staff to handle the connections.

If you opt for a Mobile home, you minimize any health-related issues not to mention being able to preserve your privacy and sanity. The reality of living in chaos because construction is going on will make you wish you never decided on a renovation. Just pack your bags with the clothing you intend to use and pack the rest in vacuum-sealed bags to prevent the entry of dust and dirt. Arrange all your furniture, furnishings and other household items inside a single room so that the construction crew can move freely in the unoccupied space. The quality of your life need not suffer and you can still keep close watch on everything that is going on. The pace of construction work will be faster because the workers will not be guilty of invading someone else’s privacy. Consider your experience in the Mobile home as some sort of adventure that will end as soon as your beautiful home is completed.