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Mobile office solutions by Miller trailers

June 11, 2015

Mobile offices make it possible to provide full office services at different locations while preserving the official environment and amenities. With the world becoming a global village, it’s only fair to have the possibility of moving the full office environment to different places without incurring the inconvenience of rearranging or reorganizing stuff over and over. Miller trailers offer fully equipped offices mounted within a motorhome, trailer, container, and truck. They provide a very convenient solution for nomadic marketers, construction site workers, disaster managers and other parties that may need temporary offices.

Typically, mobile offices come in different sizes, with their width ranging between 8 – 10 ft., while their length stretches from 19 to 60 ft. Their internal set-up resembles a normal permanent office fitted with professional amenities. The desks, chairs, and tables are hinged to prevent them from falling  when the trailer moves. They are equipped with an electrical baseboard heating and fluorescence lighting to maintain full-lit environment. Miller Trailers offers both single room suites and double room offices depending on the client’s needs.  They are fitted with service panels equipped with duplex receptacles. The windows are finished with sliding options as well as screens and storm resistant steel guards. In order to maintain the noise control of a normal office environment, they are fitted with insulators to absorb unnecessary noise and provide a studio-quality surrounding. They are also fitted with optional air conditioning depending on the temperature variation of the environment they are used.

Miller Trailers has created several possibilities for modern mobile offices. With the development of smart office trailers, sales people can access the company intranet and servers via Wi-Fi and mobile internet. The trailers provide an option for external internet and electrical connections which can be obtained via cable from nearby hotels, cybercafés and airports

The downsizing of modern operational equipment such as desks, computers and other regularly used gadgets makes it even more practical to have mobile offices. The expertise of Miller trailers has been extended to wash car systems and modern homes for emergency housing. While housing needs definitely require bigger spaces than offices, it is possible to fit multiple household equipment within very small spaces if they are well arranged. Miller Office trailers provide complete bedrooms fitted with bunk beds, a kitchen with a stove and fridge, bathrooms, toilets. Home facilities require water and hence the trailers are usually fitted with rooftop storage tanks or options for external pipe connections