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Popular Features of Mobile Homes That Are Resurfacing

November 05, 2020

Nowadays, mobile homes are becoming more and more popular due to several reasons, including rising property prices, the desire to travel, and environmentalism. The stigma linked to mobile homes is long faded. Today, every mobile trailer is manufactured following rigorous safety tests. These housing units have some great features to offer those who are looking for an affordable and reliable housing solution.


Here are a few of the popular features that are being incorporated into modern designs:


#1. Beautiful Built-ins

Mobile homes built during the ’60s and ’70s have grandiose cabinetry designs while those constructed in the ’80s had smaller built-in cabinets. Nonetheless, they are designed and built beautifully and can complement the overall look of the house. In fact, many owners of an old mobile home have remodeled their homes but left those beautiful built-ins unspoiled in their dining area or kitchen.


#2. Catchy Island Stoves

Kitchens in mobile homes that are open and inviting usually feature huge island and island stoves. The island can be situated in the center of the kitchen with an exhaust vent over the stove range. It can be large enough to add bar stools to entertain guests. You can also situate your island closer to a window so that you can have a nice view while having your meals. A pantry is also a good addition.


#3. Great Windows

Windows have always been a great feature in every home by letting in lots of natural light while also making the rooms look bigger and livelier. That said, during the 90’s, many mobile trailers stopped incorporating windows. They eventually made a comeback as a popular feature in most restored and newly manufactured mobile homes.


Miller Mobile Offices provides one of the most compact yet advanced and comfortable living solutions with our premium mobile home trailer designs that have gone through rigorous testing. Our trailers are equipped with great modern-day amenities to make your living practical and comfortable.