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Popular Features of Mobile Trailers Built in the 1980s Have Resurfaced

April 04, 2018

The stigma associated with mobile homes has been there since the days they were first manufactured. Many think that the quality of mobile trailers is not good and that they could be blown over by a strong wind. But today the mobile trailer is manufactured by undergoing rigorous safety tests. In fact, we pride ourselves in offering quality trailers to meet any requirement.


A mobile trailer is an affordable and reliable housing solution or vacation spot. Here are just a few of the most popular timeless features incorporated into modern designs. 


Hot island stoves

Kitchens in mobile trailers which are open and inviting usually have huge island and island stoves. They are the original features in the homes that leave enough room for entertaining. In addition, the windows along one end of the home create a perfect design for mobile home parks. A pantry is also a great storage space. The island can be situated in the center of the kitchen with an exhaust vent over the stove range.


Cathedral style ceilings

Since 1980, open floor plans and cathedral ceilings have been trending in and out. They are now back in style with many owners upgrading their entire mobile trailers but left the great cathedral ceilings intact. The style can provide ample space between the living room and kitchen at the top for decoration. 


Attractive built-ins

Mobile homes built in the 60’s and 70’s have grandiose cabinetry while those built in the 80’s had smaller built-in cabinets. However, they are designed and built beautifully, complementing the overall look of the house. Many owners of old mobile trailers have remodeled their homes but left the built-ins unspoiled in the dining or kitchen.


Great windows

Windows are always a great feature in homes since they let in lots of natural light. They also make rooms look bigger and livelier. However, they became unpopular during the 90’s. They’ve made a comeback as a popular feature in most renovated and newly manufactured mobile trailers.


At Miller Office Trailers, we proudly offer compact yet advanced and comfortable living opportunities with smart and often timeless design. Made solid and safe, our mobile trailers are equipped with modern day amenities to make your living practical and comfortable.