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Preparing for the Arrival of Your Mobile Office Trailer

December 12, 2019

You’ve ticked one more thing off your to-do list by selecting a mobile trailer as your temporary site office. You’re only a few steps away from preparing for your first day in office! But there are still a few things to take care of before filling your mobile trailer with office furniture. Often is it the case that we get overwhelmed with the scope of work that is required when preparing for an upcoming project.


In today’s blog, our goal is to simplify the process by providing you with a few preparatory steps you can make before the arrival of your mobile office trailer.


Site Preparation


By now you should know where your site office will be located – or at least have a rough idea. Inspect the area in which the mobile trailer will be placed for any obstacles. If you notice there happens to be a few large rocks or boulders, or perhaps – the ground is not level, now would be the right time to seek out relevant services for the removal of these obstacles.


Meeting Permit Needs


It’s likely that you will require city permits if you plan on setting up a trailer as your temporary site office. The permit you require will largely depend on nature of the job site, and project scale. Surveyors may need to assess the site before submitting documentation for approval – which can end up being a time consuming process. Figuring out whether or not you need permits or not in the beginning stages will save you from a headache in the long-term when it comes to attaining the required permits.


Ease of Access


If you plan on receiving a lot of deliveries after the arrival of your mobile office, it’s worth planning ahead by assessing whether or not your office is accessible for delivery trucks. Is there a paved road in which they can make drop-offs? Will you require a proper loading and drop-off zone to be set-up beforehand? Will you need a storage structure to hold relevant equipment needed to move and organize the deliveries? These are all questions you should ask before the arrival of your mobile office trailer.