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Project Management Tips: Home Office Versus Site Office

September 16, 2021

Construction sites generally require several office facilities to accommodate site managers and staff as well as provide ample space for meetings and storage to save site documentation. Site offices are sometimes referred to as ‘site huts’ irrespective of their size or location. 

Most companies prefer to hire local professionals instead of transporting in-house teams to project development sites. However, projects with no urban sites or outsourced contractors will need a site office. Therefore, site offices need to be comfortable and versatile, in addition to having a robust and secure structure. Here’s a comparison between a home office and a site office that will help pick the one that works better for your business. 

An Overview Of Home Office Verus Site Office

Home Office

Less Project Overhead Costs

Having a site office can initially increase project costs. However, a home office arrangement costs less, especially if starting budgets are incredibly scarce. A home office is a space designated in a person's home for official business purposes only. This arrangement is the best option for people working from home as companies can save a lot of additional expenses.

Reduced Employee Transport and Food Reimbursement

Outsourcing companies take care of their team member's transport and employee reimbursement. They include these in your overall costs. However, with a home office setup, you won't have to worry about these costs with regard to your employees. Most small businesses rely on home office space nowadays.

Affordable and Viable Option

Most outsourcing companies have headquarters in cities or towns near your worksite. Therefore, working at a home office is more reasonable for employees and you need not use a site office for temporary lodging.

Site Office

Useful in 'Bare Land' Projects

Oil fields and cornerstone properties usually have zero urban resources for fieldwork. Having a mobile office gives your employees everything they need in a single place. 

A Great Number of High-Quality Manufacturers

For all your needs, you can count on numerous high-tier trailer manufacturers, such as Miller Office Trailers. They can quickly deliver to your site with superior logistics and reliability.

Helpful With Time-Sensitive Projects

If the project prioritizes time and tight deadlines, having a site office proves beneficial. It allows employees to interact with each other and have an around-the-clock schedule to accomplish the project as soon as possible.

Work Only With Dependable Trailer Manufacturers

To get high-quality and well-equipped mobile trailers for an ideal site office, you can always trust the long-term experience and knowledge of Miller Office Trailers for all your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our customized services.