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Renting or Buying Your Office Trailers with Miller

December 08, 2017

The general nature of our mobile office trailers makes them ideal for use in the short-term; after all, most people prefer to work from an office in a permanent structure, and would consider a mobile space primarily for temporary assignments. This is why Miller Office provides rental options with our products, however there is more advantage to being the permanent owner of one of these trailers than you might think straightaway.


The renting and owning processes for mobile office trailers provide a number of benefits for occupants.


  • Renting - Renting, of course, is an option ideal for times when you need long-term flexibility. There is no purchase option at the end of the contract and the terms of the rental can easily be modified, including its length. At the end of your project or assignment, it is easy to simply return your mobile office trailers to Miller, though this is likely only ideal for single-time or infrequent uses.
  • Buying - Buying your mobile office trailers outright may seem like an uncommon decision to make, but there are actually a lot of advantages to doing so. Temporary relocation tends not to be a one-time event, so it may be cheaper in the long run to buy your office outright and maintain it without regular rental fees. There is a natural convenience to owning your office, rather than renting it, after all, and it will allow you to experience a different kind of flexibility in your everyday working life.

Either way - Whether you decide to buy or rent your mobile office from Miller, you will be receiving a high-quality, fully operational workspace that grants you freedom of movement and a reliably comfortable workstation for everyday use. Anything you might need in an office is something we undoubtedly can help you to realize in your new office space – so give us a call today to learn more about one of our many trailers on offer!