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Should You Rent or Buy a Site Office?

May 24, 2021

Owning a site office is handy for any construction company, but their uses can also extend to businesses that run live events, oil rigs, and pop-up logistics. Buying a site office sounds like a good idea, but infrequent trailer use might turn it into a liability. As such, renting office trailers for many offsite projects might be a better option.


Here is a good checklist to help you know whether to rent or buy a site office:


Type of Project

Businesses frequently handling off-city projects without nearby amenities and resources should invest in high-quality office, residence, and washroom trailers. If the worksite does not have its own respective storage area, businesses can rent a storage trailer as well. Businesses with an average of ten projects yearly should purchase a set of work trailers to prevent ballooning costs.


Team Size and Project Duration

A project that spans a number of months and requires only a handful of team members can work well with a rental office trailer. However, if the business requires a 50-man team to travel back to the city from their worksite every day, they can cut costs and improve productivity by purchasing a trailer set. The shorter the project period and the smaller the team size, the more appealing rental trailers are.


Facility Amenities

Rental trailers with more amenities are far more expensive than regular ones. However, investing in high-end trailers allows businesses to use them for their employees and visitors, especially if they have big offsite teams. Investing in high-quality office trailers guarantees businesses will have trailers with long lifespans and exceptional performance.


Maintenance Capability

Rental trailer companies are the ones to maintain, repair, and troubleshoot the trailers they provide businesses. However, businesses that have purchased their own trailers should also have adequate maintenance capability to ensure top performance and reliability at short notice.


Get the Best Office Trailers from Dependable Manufacturers

If you have yet to find a dependable trailer manufacturer, you can always count on Miller Office Trailers to provide you with the best ones. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.