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Simple Tips For Clean Washroom Trailers

November 24, 2021

Washroom trailers are one of the easiest ways to ensure clean restrooms at outdoor events or worksites. Features like portability and cost-effectiveness make them the go-to choice for many. Buying a good-quality trailer washroom is easy. The tricky part is maintaining the trailer clean and fresh. 

Tips for keeping washroom trailers clean

Since portable bathrooms have a higher frequency of usage, keeping them clean is more challenging than regular restrooms. A clean washroom is essential at any outdoor event or worksite. It is one of the necessities that should not be ignored. Let's take a look at some simple tips for keeping portable restrooms clean.

Disinfect often
If not appropriately disinfected, the trailer restrooms could be a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended to disinfect these trailers often to ensure cleanliness. Using fogging machines for disinfecting washrooms is a feasible and effective solution. 

Let it air out
Keeping the doors of the trailers open, at least for some time, is an excellent way to let it air out. Damp places are susceptible to the growth of bacteria. Letting in some fresh air and sunlight will let you keep the washroom trailers dry and odour-free. 

Make use of air fresheners 
Air fresheners, liquid and block, do a great job of keeping a washroom fresh. Make sure to place enough fragrant air fresheners in your portable restroom. Replacing them from time to time is also essential. 

Exhaust fans 
Modern trailer washrooms can be customized to have provision for exhaust fans. Air circulation and an odour-free restroom can be ensured with the help of an exhaust fan. 

Get the basics right
Toilet rolls, running water, liquid soaps, sanitizers, and light are some of the basic things to be provided at all times in your portable restroom. Getting these basic things right goes a long way in keeping the trailer washrooms fresh and clean.

For all your washroom trailer needs, you can count on Miller Office Trailers. Contact us now to know about everything that we can do for you.