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The Best Tips for Maximizing Space in Your Mobile Home

August 25, 2021

Thanks to the ingenuity of decorators, designers, and resourceful homeowners, social media has become abuzz with beautiful depictions of mobile homes in recent years. Indeed, mobile homes are now thought of as quaint, bohemian, and eco-friendly housing options, perfect for homeowners who love the outdoors and value a simple lifestyle.


With that said, one prevailing challenge of mobile home ownership remains, and that is how to get the most out of the space you have.


While many mobile homes are actually larger than the average downtown apartment in today’s steep housing market, it still helps to know how you can open up spaces, brighten up rooms, and organize your living space to decrease clutter. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:


1. Use Bright Colours and Lots of Windows

This is more of an aesthetic trick to make the space inside your home seem more open and bright. Choose one bright colour and have it be the main binding theme of your home’s interior. Furthermore, make sure to use plenty of windows and in fact, try to make it so your home has more window space than wall space. Both these elements will come together to make your home look more open and give the illusion of a larger space.


2. Floor-to-ceiling Everything

Floor-to-ceiling shelves are not only a great aesthetic choice, they also ensure you make the most of your wall space. Instead of purchasing pre-made bookshelves or shelves, custom-build your own shelves and install them on the entire length of one section of wall.  This entire area can be dedicated to books, display items, decorations, pictures, and more.


3. Lofts Are In

If you have the privilege of having a mobile home with higher ceilings and taller walls, you can make the most of this by installing lofts in key areas. Your home does not actually need to have the height of two floors—a loft can be small and cozy—just enough for you to fit. This is especially true if you use the loft for your bed. A loft creates a pretty, private nook for you while enabling you to make use of all the space underneath it.


Designers have used these tips and more to transform mobile homes into the design phenomenon they are today. For more tips on mobile living, check out the rest of our blog!