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The Five Different Types of Mobile Trailers

January 25, 2018

Mobile trailers have evolved a great deal over the last decade. Their uses are numerous: utility vehicles, mobile homes, offices or washrooms. Mobile trailers are increasingly popular for commercial and recreational purposes. Trailers come in different sizes, dimensions, and designs which make them suitable for any need.


Here’s a breakdown of the top five most used mobile trailers today. Each of these mobile trailers present advantages and ideal uses.


  • Airstream Trailers - The classic mobile trailer that can be used as a home and for various commercial functions. These trailers are made using airplane design which gives these trailers their recognizable look.
  • Spartan Trailers - These type of trailers are similar to airstream trailers in terms of their design. Designed and manufactured by Spartan Aircraft. These trailers come in Carousel, Sparlane, Crescendo, Manor and Sparcraft models.
  • Aluminum Closed Hauler - Mobile trailers that are crafted using aluminum feature a lightweight yet durable design. These trailers commonly feature a ramp door, side door, and a pop-up roof vent for easy loading and unloading purposes. This is a type of trailer is ideal for commercial and storage uses.
  • Cargo Trailers - This type of trailer is a specially designed to be used as cargo vessels. A perfect mobile trailer for hauling heavy and bulky items, making it an ideal trailer for deliveries and relocations. Mobile cargo trailers are built with extreme durability to withstand heavy wear and tear.
  • Caravan Trailers - It is a type of trailer that is suitable for use as a home, office or shop. Mostly built with fire resistant materials, these trailers are also excellent for camping and carefree outdoor recreation.


Those are the most used mobile trailers popular today. There are other types of trailers for other mobile functionalities such as washroom trailers and more. At Miller Office Trailer, we’ll be happy to help you find the right one for your needs – just call or visit us today!