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The History of the Mobile Home

March 26, 2018

A mobile home can provide all of the comforts of home while being mobile, cost efficient and practical. The structure is set on a chassis and can be either moved or set permanently in a given area. It’s ideal for vacations, long distance travelling and a great alternative to paying for hotels or camping.


The mobile home was developed and became popular with the rise of travel and motorized highways after the Second World War.


With many individuals gaining greater disposable incomes, long road trips on modern highways came into vogue. It was and remains a great way to see the country, nature and many iconic monuments. The lack of and poor quality of motels also drove this interest, drawing in people looking for comfortable options to camping or even owning a summer house.

Initially, these mobile homes were known as trailer homes, as they were room put on top of a chassis and were often towed. The design was rectangular in shape and had pre-painted aluminum panels. These trailer homes were attached to the back of a car with a hitch, which is still very common. As the mobile industry modernized, larger mobile homes with more comforts and advantages were manufactured. The initial design that can still be pulled by car are called ‘eight-wide’, ‘ten-wide’ and ‘twelve-wide’ trailer homes, which needed a larger vehicle to tow.

Today, a mobile home is not just towed by another vehicle. They are self sufficient in terms of mobility as well as all other amenities. These include having a fully functional bedroom and kitchen as well as bathroom fit for any hotel setting. They can be outfitted with running power and water, as well as all other modern services like internet, cable TV and even solar panels.

Being self-sufficient allows a mobile home to be on the road for extended periods of time, stopping only for supplies and fuel. Mobile homes have developed from rectangular boxes to self-sufficient designs with many options, including expanding compartments.

Visit Miller Office Trailers today to have a look for yourself, a mobile home could be the next vacation you’ve been looking for!