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The Mobile Home Industry in A Glimpse

February 05, 2021

A mobile home is often compared to a residential home. Although limited in space, it includes the necessary amenities that are also available in a regular residential unit. The most noticeable difference is the mobile component where it is possible to relocate if desired.


Earlier versions of mobile housing were much smaller and were most often used by workers who regularly traveled for work.


For years the mobile housing industry had rapidly evolved and developed better units while providing different options in features, amenities, and luxuries. Today, mobile housing is no longer used only by workers, but for families who travel often as well. Wider units are being manufactured optimizing the interior space for comfort and storage efficiency. The lightweight construction and portable design of a mobile home restricted them to particular manufacturing regulations that are not strictly implemented.


Despite this, the idea of conveniently being able to relocate from one place to another makes the units very popular among certain demographics in the world. Within the United States housing industry alone, the utilization of a mobile home accounts for over 6%. Though there is no exact data on the record of the tenants, it is approximately that there are over twenty million occupants residing in mobile housing units.


In a traditional sense, motor homes do not appear like trailers from the inside. In fact, they often provide a more spacious living area than a permanent home with two to three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a washer, as well as an island inside the kitchen. Most residents of motor homes would say that these units are one of the most important innovations in the modern housing industry.


If you love the idea of living in a motor home, Miller Office Trailers sell and rent premium, affordable, and highly maintained units of different sizes, dimensions and including all the modern-day amenities found in a permanent residential house. Contact us today to learn more.