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This History of the Mobile Washroom

March 21, 2019

The mobile washroom had to be invented and reinvented a few times before washroom trailers became available for rent and purchase.


Here is a breakdown of the history of the mobile washroom, and how and why the washroom trailer came to fruition.   


The first portable washrooms in the US were invented during the Second World War for ship crews. They were constructed from heavier materials such as wood and metal, and they were not on wheels, making them difficult to transport.


These washrooms were also not designed with comfort in mind, as they were difficult to keep clean and odour-free. Thankfully, deodorizer, which is the blue liquid you see when you flush the toilet, was invented along the journey to washroom trailers. The first deodorizers were formaldehyde-based; we were to discover that local wastewater treatment plants did not have the capacity to process this chemical compound. New deodorizers containing biocides that kill odor-producing bacteria replaced the formaldehyde deodorizer.


PolyJohn Corporation and Polyethylene

The 1970’s brought innovations to the portable washroom industry—one of which was the use of fiberglass to construct the washrooms. Fiberglass is easier to move and clean, but is fragile. Then the polyethylene portable washroom came onto the scene. The patent for the polythethylene washroom belongs to George Harding, co-founder of PolyJohn Corporation. This material has endured the test of time, as it continues to be used in the manufacturing of portable washrooms today.


The Washroom Trailer Arrives

The PolyJohn Corporation further innovated mobile washrooms in 1984 by creating the first luxury washroom trailer. Washroom trailers are considered to be more luxurious than a single portable washroom because they have flushing toilets, sinks with running water, and can even come with heating or air conditioning. These trailers are ideal for construction sites, public outdoor events and outdoor recreation areas.


At Miller Office Trailers, we rent and sell clean and affordable washroom trailers. Our wash cars are available in three different set-ups: four toilets and four urinals, five toilets and two urinals or six toilets. Our trailers can be divided into separate sections for male and females, if desired. Contact us today for a washroom trailer to suit your needs!