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Understanding the Re-Sale Process of Mobile Homes

October 03, 2019

Mobile homes have been an economical, environmentally-friendly permanent housing solution for many people across Ontario. Also known as house trailers, trailer homes, and mobile trailers – mobile trailer homes effectively reduce waste, minimize hydro and water usage, and are widely considered to be a more sustainable dwelling solution than your average free-hold home.


But many fail to realize the legal parameters and restrictions that surround mobile homes when it comes to the re-sale process.


If you’re thinking of opting to make modular-living your permanent dwelling situation, it’s important to also consider the long term by understanding legal expectations involved in the re-sale process.


The Re-Sale of Mobile Homes and Part V of the Residential Tenancies Act


  • Many trailer home owners rent a plot of land from a trailer home park. In these circumstances, trailer home owners are covered under the 2006 version of the Residential Tenancies Act – just as tenants from other forms of Ontario residences are.
  • Part V of the Act pertains to all situations between trailer home owners and the owner of the mobile trailer home park. Under Part V, landlords have the right to restrict certain types of mobile trailer homes based on a set of defined standards.
  • It is also under Part V that mobile trailer home owners have the right to put their home up for sale without consent from the landlord of the mobile park. However, the landlord does have the right of first refusal if their intent is to purchase the mobile trailer home for themselves.  


Final Thoughts


If you’re thinking of purchasing a mobile trailer home – be sure to do your research. If you’re planning to rent a plot of land in a trailer home community, ask your landlord if there are any restrictions with regard to type of mobile trailer home permitted onsite. That will better inform the manufacturing process in the event you’re thinking of buying a brand new pre-fabricated home.