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 19'x8' Office Trailer
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 23'x10' with 1 Room
 35'x10' Office Trailer

 23'x10' with 2 Rooms
 43'x10' Office Trailer

 23'x10' Wash Car 1
 53'x10' Office Trailer

 23'x10' Wash Car 2
 43'x12' Office Trailer

 23'x10' Wash Car 3
 53'x12' Office Trailer

 33'x10' Office Trailer
 60'x12' Office Trailer

 56'x12' Mobile Home

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Video: Miller Office Trailers - Providing Quality Mobile Trailers For You

August 07, 2018


Mobile trailers have come a very long way from humble beginnings. At Miller Mobile Offices, we’ve worked hard to expand the role of mobile space, and we can work with you today to find a trailer ideally suited for you to live or work from. Our services include an entire fleet of transport trucks, waiting to bring you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

Whether you’re looking for a mobile home for convenience and to save a bit of money on living, or you need a mobile office for temporary workspace management that’s a bit more hands-on than usual, you can contact Miller Office Trailers, and we’ll get to work on the perfect solution for you. Just let us know your needs, and we’ve got them covered! You can click the link in the description to learn more and see our most popular designs.