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Washroom Trailer Tips: How to Have Consistent Waste Tank Performance

August 11, 2021

Washroom trailers use waste tanks for temporary waste storage. Therefore, a well-maintained waste tank is crucial to prolonging your trailer's lifespan and performance.


Here are four quick steps to make sure your washroom trailers consistently perform well:


Keep Your Holding Tank 'Charged'

“Charging” a water tank means keeping them filled with half an inch of water so that it catches waste and prevents them from sticking to the base of the tank. Holding tanks without charges will suffer from mounding. A good charge will also include high-grade toilet deodorisers and other solvents that prevent mounding. Ask your washroom trailer manufacturer or consult the included manual to learn about the proper charging method for your trailer.


Thorough Daily Cleaning

Charges can only do so much to prevent mounding. Pipe clogging causes messy waste regurgitation. As such, you will need to keep a close eye on the toilet pipe, drain, and tank in order to guarantee that you won't have these problems. Brief your staff about proper washroom trailer usage. Post signs around the washroom trailer to remind users not to throw waste or solid objects down the drain.

Regular Emptying

All washroom trailer manufacturers will recommend emptying the trailer's waste tanks monthly. You can refer to your trailer's manual on emptying the tank. Make sure to only dump the contents of the waste tank in an appropriate waste disposal area. Then, you must thoroughly clean the tank's insides before using it again.


Winterization When Needed

Outdoor operations during winter will require thorough tank winterization to prevent freezing and clogging. Drain the tank of all its contents and clean the insides. Next, consult with your washroom trailer manufacturer to learn about the most compatible anti-freeze products to keep your tank in excellent condition throughout the holidays.


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